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Touch the Sky, the tune is out there part II

Created: Nov 3, 2002

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> Introduction


Three weeks ago, I heard a track from Madonna called "Die another day". I think it's the title song for the latest James Bond movie. Anyways, I really liked the orchestra in it. So the idea was born to make a track with an orchestra. It was a bit difficult to get some orchestra samples but I managed to find some on "Sound Clips 12.000, volume I from Masterbits / Data Becker".

This is also the first time I used my Waldorf Microwave XT. This machine really blows my speakers away. I really love it. Don't expect very much of the Microwave in this song. I only used the Noise Pad preset, with the noise turned down. The sound of the Noise Pad is best described as a kind of X-Files instrument. Try to find it and you will get a full size cd cover of this track send to you by e-mail. Ok, it' not a big price. In fact it's nothing, but what do you expect from a Dutchman? ;-)

Some advice: maybe you must hear the track a couple of times to like / love it.

For this track I have used the following gear:
- Fruityloops,
- Korg X5D,
- Waldorf Microwave XT,
- Sound Clips 12.000, volume I from Masterbits / Data Becker sample CD's,
- Stylus Vinyl Groove module,
- rgcAudio Pentagon I,
- DiscoDsp ThrillMe for the finishing touch.

Oh yes, the song was created in two days, not bad hu!

> Download


You can download the song here.

> Thanks


Thanks to Wilco van Gent / Spook for the spelling check.

> Links


Waldorf Microwave XT
Masterbits / Databecker Sound Clips Vol I
Stylus Vinyl Groove Module
rgcAudio Pentagon I
DiscoDsp ThrillMe

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