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Nu2 Expedition, kinda club soda!

Created: Oct 25, 2002

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> Introduction


Nu2 Expedition is a kind of a club song. It's a bit monotone but as usual there is a little happy part in it (it's not a Bob Ross (RIP) thing though;-)). I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. My colleague and co Nu2'er Bart Lagerweij says that song the sometimes reminds him of a chicken that's going to be killed. Hmmm, well I let you decide!

I have used the following gear:
- Buzz & Fruity,
- Korg X5D,
- Stylus Vinyl Groove module,
- rgcAudio Pentagon I,
- DiscoDsp ThrillMe for the finishing touch.

> Download


You can download the song here. And if you have some spare time, please tell me what you like / dislike about the track.

> Thanks


First I want to thank Jeroen / Jay Dutch for playing this track in his boomin' club car with super duper giant speakers. My ears are still recovering from the last visit. Second, all people that have sent any comments about my last track Relaxation. You are all right about the wrong name at the right song ;-)

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Jeskola Buzz
Stylus Vinyl Groove Module
rgcAudio Pentagon I
DiscoDsp ThrillMe

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