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NU2Buzz tune

Last updated on Feb 11, 2002

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> Introduction


Nu2Buzz was created by Henk de Jong with Jeskola Buzz V1.2. I used some samples from my Korg X5D. I hope I made a catchy tune and a easy listener.

Please drop a line and tell me what you think about this tune!

> Why


I made this tune to discover the great possibilties of Buzz. The buzz editing is very straight forward and extremely easy to use. There are tons of gear (generators & effects) available so you could make almost any sound that you like. Sometimes Buzz is a bit buggy. You should check Aodix, Madtracker, Psycle and VSampler (no special order). You can find the links at the bottom of this page.

> Revision history


Nu2Buzz was created in the year 2001-2002.
First version was finished on february the fifth.

> Download


You can download the tune (mp3, variable bitrate) and the cover here.

> Frequently asked questions


[Q] What kind of tune do you like?
[A] One of my favourite is what i call the hero sound. A good example is the song called "Bionic Action (from Super Turrican)" created by Chris Huelsbeck. Maybe you have played Turrican on your Amiga or Super Nintendo. You get the feeling you are Rambo and nothing can beat a lion(haaullww). You should checkout the tunes from Bionic Commando created by Tim & Mike Follin. What they get out of a computer is really amazing. A good tune for me must be catchy. It doesn't matter what influence!!!

[Q] What did you use to create this tune?
[A] Jeskola Buzz for creating and the Jeskola mixer to fine tune the complete track. CoolEdit for recording some samples from my Korg X5D Keyboard.

[Q] Are you a musician?
[A] No, definitly not. I'm a coder. In my spare time i like to fool around with my keyboard and Photoshop.

> Thanks


I would like to thank the following people.
- Jeroen Kessenich for the great audio feedback (
- Bart Lagerweij, this site wouldn't be that good without you!!!
- Danny & Marco Frankel for just being cool.
- Rob, the man with the big scar ;-)

> Links


Jeskola Buzz or
Cool Edit
MAZ sound tools
Aodix Pro

Chris Huelsbeck, tunes can be found at
Maniacs of Noise

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