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Allright cd cover (created by Henk)

Allright, house from the nineties

Created: Jan 7, 2003

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In this track you can feel and hear the power of the Waldorf Microwave XT. I am still exploring the synth but it is a joy to play with. I really like those 44 knobs. I like knobs anyway!

The track has the house sound of the mid nineties combined with a break beat. Some people said that it sounds a little bit like DJ-Laser. I think it is a complement. Well, enough said, go get the track and tell me what you think!

> Introduction


For this track I have used the following gear:
- Buzz & Fruityloops,
- Korg X5D,
- Waldorf Microwave XT,
- Dance Mega Disco House sample cd,
- Stylus Vinyl Groove module.

> Download


You can download the song here.

> Thanks


Thanks must go to my colleagues for over and over listening to this track until the got mad;-)
I can hardly wait till they heard the megamix of all the tracks!(Hehe)

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Jeskola Buzz
Waldorf Microwave XT
Dance Mega Disco House sample cd
Stylus Vinyl Groove Module

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