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> About NU2


The domain name is owned by Henk de Jong (aka "Morris").

The entire website (html and php) is coded using UltraEdit []. IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. [] has kindly provided us (Nu2 Productions) with a 2 user license in exchange for an ultraedit logo and link. Thanks Ian!

> .Nu domain?


The .NU Domain [] (founded in 1997) belongs to Niue [] an island in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Tonga.

> What does mean?


It does not really mean anything. When Henk was looking for a top level domain name he first wanted, but it was already in use, so he registered

All graphics on the NU2 website is "selfmade", nothing is ripped or copied.

> Link to Nu2


If you want to link to NU2 you can use any ordinary HTML link:

<a href="">NU2</a>

If you want to link using a logo please use one of the logos below:

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These logos are made transparent on a white background. If you need a transparent logo on a different background color just send us a message [/contact/] and we'll create one for you.

> Contact us


To contact us please check our contact page [/contact/].

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