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Nu2 Expedition logo (created by Henk)

Nu2 Expedition, kinda club soda!

Created: Oct 25, 2002

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Nu2 Expedition is a kind of a club song. It's a bit monotone but as usual there is a little happy part in it (it's not a Bob Ross (RIP) thing though;-)). I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. My colleague and co Nu2'er Bart Lagerweij says that song the sometimes reminds him of a chicken that's going to be killed. Hmmm, well I let you decide!

I have used the following gear:
- Buzz & Fruity,
- Korg X5D,
- Stylus Vinyl Groove module,
- rgcAudio Pentagon I,
- DiscoDsp ThrillMe for the finishing touch.


You can download the song here. And if you have some spare time, please tell me what you like / dislike about the track.