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Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) bootable live windows CD/DVD

BartPE is Admin's best friend...
Version 3.1.10a (released on Feb 17, 2006)

Plugins and links

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:: Licensing issues
:: Getting started
:: Download
:: Support
:: Used tools/information
:: Screen shots
:: Online help
:: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
:: CD Cover
:: Storage- and network drivers
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:: Plugins and links
:: Change log
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:: Commercial use of PE Builder

Plugins and links

This page is about plugins.

The following plugins are included within the PE Builder archive. Click on the link to see the "PluginHelp" online. This information is also available in PE Builders "plugin" dialog when you hit the "PluginHelp" button.

As you can understand I cannot include everybody's plugin in my PE Builder archive.
So my plan is to link from here. If you have made a usefull plugin please upload it to your own website and mail me the link.
This way the author of the plugin can maintain the plugin himself and people can find it from the list below.
Please make sure your plugin does not contain copyrighted material not allowed for distribution.

To learn about the plugin file format, check pluginformat.htm

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