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NicSpeed - Check your network interface speed

Version 1.4-BETA

Created: Mar 15, 2006
Updated: Mar 29, 2006

:: What can you do with NicSpeed?
:: How does it work?
:: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
:: Download

 What can you do with NicSpeed?

Quickly test the performance of your network interface card. Also very usefull for checking the speed of your wireless network interface.

When troubleshooting poor performance you normally try to find out what part of your system is slow. To test the speed of your disk drives, you can run Bart's Stuff Test. A test with the "quick speed" option selected will show you the performance of your drive. But testing the speed of your network interface is another story. Of course you can map a drive letter to a network share and check the "read" speed using Bart's Stuff Test or use some other tool. But that is not a very quick and stable way. And sometimes connecting to a share is not possible.

So this is where you need nicspeed. NicSpeed is a small and easy to use tool that gives you the maximum sending speed (UDP) and the maximum send/receive to/from speed (ICMP) to a target in your local network. This gives you an idea how your network interface card is performing. Also you can make sure that your network interface card is running at the speed that it should.
Don not rely on what the status led of your network switch or adapter is telling you, use NicSpeed!
NicSpeed runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003 and BartPE.

 How does it work?

NicSpeed briefly floods a target system in your local network with UDP/ICMP packets. By default it will use your gateway, if not available it will scan your ip range to find a target.

 Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions that are asked frequently (click on the question to see the answer):

  • Doesn't Windows XP service pack 2 block the data flood send by NicSpeed?
  • Does using nicspeed slow down the network?

    Doesn't Windows XP service pack 2 block the data flood send by NicSpeed?
    No. Packets that do not spoof their source IP address are left alone.
    Does using nicspeed slow down the network?
    Yes. Nicspeed puts maximum load on your network, but only for a few seconds (2 for each test by default).


    Download NicSpeed 1.4 BETA - zip package (77KB)
    Download NicSpeed 1.4 BETA - executable

    Download NicSpeed 1.2 BETA - zip package (75KB)
    Download NicSpeed 1.1 BETA - zip package (72KB)

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