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Nu2 Software License

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Most free software found on Nu2.nu web site is bound by the software license shown below (unless specified otherwise).
New (sub)versions of free Nu2 software will probably be distributed with this license.

Please note that software (or parts) protected by the Nu2 software license cannot be incorporated with or into other software without written permission from the author.


A big thanks go out to:

 The Nu2 license

License in a plain text file

The Nu2-License
<Name of product>
Copyright (c) 2003 <Name of author>. All rights reserved.


1. By using and/or opening any packaging enclosing this 
software, expanding any compressed file containing this 
software or by utilizing this software, you agree to be 
bound by the terms of this license agreement.

2. The software, documentation and any other materials 
accompanying this License whether on disk, in read only 
memory, on any other media or in any other form 
(collectively the "Software") are licensed, not sold, to you 
by <Name of author>, as well as his respective members, 
agents, directors, officers, servants and representatives, 
if any, (collectively "Licensor") for use only under the 
terms of this License, and Licensor reserves all rights not 
expressly granted to you. The rights granted herein are 
limited to Licensor's intellectual property rights in the 
Software and do not include any other patents or 
intellectual property rights. You own the media on which the 
Software is recorded but Licensor retains ownership of the 
Software itself. The rights granted under the terms of this 
License include any software upgrades that replace and/or 
supplement the original Software product, unless such 
upgrade contains a separate license.

3. Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any 
person obtaining a copy of the Software to use, copy, 
publish and distribute the Software, subject to the 
conditions of this License.

4. This license must be included with all copies of the 
Software, and may not be modified from its original format 
as created by the Licensor. The Software may not be 
distributed subject to any other license.

5. This License is effective until terminated. Your rights 
under this License will terminate automatically without 
notice from Licensor or if you fail to comply with any 
term(s) of this License. Upon the termination of this 
License, you shall cease all use of the Software and destroy 
all copies of it, whether full or partial.

6. Selling or charging a fee for the Software is prohibited, 
although a fee may be charged for the act of transferring a 
copy and/or for the distribution media, but not for the 
Software itself.

7. The Software, in whole or in part, may not be 
incorporated with or into any other software product without 
written permission from Licensor.

8. You expressly acknowledge and agree that use of the 
software is at your sole risk and that the entire risk as to 
satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy and effort is 
with you. Licensor does not warrant against interference 
with your enjoyment of the software, that the functions 
contained in the software will meet your requirements, that 
the operation of the software will be uninterrupted or 
error-free, or that defects in the software will be 
corrected. Should