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Eltorito.sys - Hardware independent Dos CD-Rom device driver

Version 1.4
Last updated: Oct 28, 2002

Important notice: the development and maintenance for this page has stopped. Please don't contact me about this page! I'm leaving the page as it is, for reference...

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 What is Eltorito.sys?

Eltorito.sys is a Dos CD-Rom device driver for use in making PC-bootable CD-Roms that (should) boot on any interface (Atapi and SCSI). Eltorito.sys will only work when your CD-Rom is in "no emulation" mode, it will not work in floppy or harddisk emulation mode! To get your CD-Rom in "no emulation" you must use some bootstrap loader, like isolinux.bin or diskem1x.bin!

Eltorito.sys (together with diskemu.bin was originally developed by Gary Tong. Bart took over the diskemu/eltorito project in May 5, 2001. Diskemu.bin (or diskem1x.bin) is not being developed anymore, eltorito.sys is (when needed).


Use this link to download the current version of eltorito.sys (2KB).


To use the eltorito.sys driver the best thing is to follow this example and only use the "cdrom.img" bootimage, just leave out the other boot images like cdrom, msnet and tomsrtbt.


Oct 28, 2002 Jul 29, 2002 - v1.4 Jun 28, 2002 - v1.3b Jun 27, 2002 - v1.3 Jun 6, 2002 - v1.2

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