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Bart's Scsitool Boot Disk

Last updated on Mar 26, 2002

Important notice: the development and maintenance for this page has stopped. Please don't contact me about this page! I'm leaving the page as it is, for reference...

Introduction - Create the boot disk - Revision history


Use the scsitool boot disk to troubleshoot or test your scsi devices in Dos. It will autodetect any supported PCI scsi adapter.

 Create the boot disk

The steps are:
  1. Follow the instructions in the MODBOOT page to create the basic MODBOOT diskette.

  2. Download and copy the following files (don't unpack them) into the correct location on the floppy disk.

    The following files are required (you must copy these...):

    FileDescriptionCopy to...VerUpdated
    utils.cab (34KB)Batch utilities\level01.8Aug 29, 2002
    v1.7: lmod.com updated to v1.2.
    v1.8: pciscan.exe updated to v1.5a.
    aspi.cab (2KB)ASPI loader module\level01.0Mar 26, 2002
    Bart: This module needs optimization, but it works OK!
    scsitool.cab (87KB)SCSITool module\level31.0Mar 26, 2002
    More info!

  3. Select SCSI adapter drivers from the list below (if you want you can just copy them all):

    Creat a directory called "a:\lib\aspi" !

    FileDescriptionCopy to...VerUpdated
    aspi2dos.cab (19KB)AIC-6260/6360/6370 ASPI Manager for DOS\lib\aspi1.0Mar 26, 2002
    aspi4dos.cab (9KB)AHA-1540/1542/1640 ASPI Manager for DOS\lib\aspi1.0Mar 26, 2002
    aspi7dos.cab (21KB)AIC-7770 ASPI Manager for DOS\lib\aspi1.0Mar 26, 2002
    aspi8dos.cab (23KB)AIC-78XX/AIC-75XX ASPI Manager for DOS\lib\aspi1.0Mar 26, 2002
    aspi8u2.cab (26KB)AIC-7890/91 ASPI Manager for DOS\lib\aspi1.0Mar 26, 2002
    aspi8xx.cab (25KB)ASPI manager for Symbios 53C8xx host adapters\lib\aspi1.0Mar 26, 2002
    btdosm.cab (8KB)BusLogic DOS SCSI Manager\lib\aspi1.0Mar 26, 2002
    dcam18xx.cab (21KB)Future Domain 18XX/36XX SCSI IC-based Controller\lib\aspi1.0Mar 26, 2002
    flashpt.cab (20KB)BusLogic FlashPoint SCSI Manager\lib\aspi1.0Mar 26, 2002
    aspi910u.cab (10KB)Initio INI-9XXXU/UW ASPI Manager v2.05\lib\aspi1.0Mar 26, 2002
    aspia100.cab (5KB)Initio INI-A100U2W ASPI Manager v1.02A\lib\aspi1.0Mar 26, 2002
    amsida.cab (16KB)AMD PCscsi ASPI Manager for DOS v3.14\lib\aspi1.0Mar 26, 2002
    Also known as: Qlogic Fast!SCSI Basic, Tekram DC-390, Dawi DC2964F
    ipsraspi.cab (6KB)IBM ServeRAID DOS ASPI Driver v4.10.24\lib\aspi1.0Apr 9, 2002
    Created by Ronald Peterson

  4. Optional you can add some of these:

    FileDescriptionCopy to...VerUpdated
    - none -Dos module (fdisk, format, xcopy...)\level11.0Mar 26, 2002
    There is no file for download, you have to build this one yourself, just look here: More info!
    help.cab (1KB)Help module\level11.0Mar 26, 2002

  5. You can create a short text file that holds a description for your bootdisk in "\diskid.txt".


 Revision history

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