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BFI - Build Floppy Image

Version 1.0

Created: Oct 12, 2002
Updated: Nov 4, 2002

Important notice: the development and maintenance for this page has stopped. Please don't contact me about this page! I'm leaving the page as it is, for reference...

- Introduction
- WinImage SDK
- Download


BFI builds FAT floppy images. It was designed to be used on bootable CD-Roms, but it can also be used to create floppy images for other purposes. The floppy sizes supported are: 720KB, 1.44MB, 2.88MB, 1.2MB, DMF2048, DMF1024, 1.68MB, 160KB, 180KB, 320KB, 360KB.

BFI is free Software, you can redistribute it under the terms of the NU2 License.

BFI is a command line utility, you can use the following parameters:

BFI usage
Build Floppy Image v1.0, Oct 2002
Copyright (c) 2002 Bart Lagerweij. All rights reserved.
This program is free Software; you can redistribute it under the terms of
the NU2 License (see nu2lic.txt or http://www.nu2.nu/license/).

Creates a FAT12 floppy image from files.

Usage: bfi [-v] [-t=type] [-o=file] [-o=file] [-l=mylabel] [-b=file]
           -f=file.img path [path ...]

   -v         Verbose mode (talk more)
   -t=type    Disktype use string "144", "120" or "288" or number:
              Default is 1.44MB
   -f=file    Image filename
   -o=file    Order file, put these file on the image first
   -l=mylabel Set volume label to "mylabel"
   -b=file    Install bootsector from "file"
   path       Input folder(s) to inject files from

This program is created using WinImage SDK from WinImage 6.10
Copyright (c) 1993-2002 Gilles Vollant

 WinImage SDK

BFI is created using WinImage SDK from WinImage 6.10. WinImage and WinImage SDK is Copyright (c) 1993-2002 by Gilles Vollant. Check the Winimage website for more information.

Gilles has provided me (Bart) with an unlimited distribution license for my programs that use the WinImage SDK. Thanks Gilles!

So, if we have BFI (for free) why do we need winimage ($30)?
Well, BFI is somewhat limited compared to winimage:


For download please use the following link: BFI v1.0 (90KB)

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