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BFD - Build Floppy Disk

Version 1.0.7
Created: Sep 9, 2002
Updated: Dec 9, 2002

Important notice: the development and maintenance for this page has stopped. Please don't contact me about this page! I'm leaving the page as it is, for reference...

:: Introduction
:: How does it work
:: Installation
:: Used tools
:: Changes


BFD builds bootable (or non-bootable) floppy disks or floppy images. Fully automatic!


What doesn't it do:

 How does it work

BFD is a command line utility, you can use the following parameters:

BFD usage
BFD, Build Floppy Disk, v1.0.7
Copyright (c) 2002 Bart Lagerweij. All rights reserved.
This program is free software. Use and/or distribute it under the terms
of the NU2 License (see nu2lic.txt or http://www.nu2.nu/license/).

Usage: bfd [-o os] [-d] [-i file] [-t type] name [target]

  name    : name of the disk or image to build (see bfd.cfg)
  target  : target drive or file (default is "a:")
  -o os   : os to use (default is "md701")
  -d      : print debug messages
  -i file : create an image file (optional winimage!)
  -t type : image type (144 or 288)
  -n      : don't wait for the user to insert a diskette

Returns environment variable "rv", 0 if succesfull, 1 if error

This program uses the following files (located in the "bin" directory):
- Cabinet Tool (cabarc.exe) by Microsoft Corp.
- Bart's choice (bchoice.exe) by Bart Lagerweij (Nu2 license). 
- Build Floppy Image (bfi.exe) by Bart Lagerweij (Nu2 license). 

When you run BFD (with the correct parameters) this is what happens:
Configuration sample file (bfd.sam)
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Configuration file for bfd.cmd
# format: <command> <arg1> <arg2> <arg3>
# Available commands:
#  n <name>          name
#  f <arg>           format (quickformat if <arg> is "/q")
#  b <label>         make bootable (should be right after format!)
#  i <f>             include other config file <f>
#  c <f1> <f2>       copy <f1> to <f2>
#  t <f1> <f2>       (try) copy, when <f1> exists, no warning if fails
#  d <f1> <f2> <f3>  copy a driver (.cab) file from <f1> to <f2>
#                    and add driver to pre-built index <f3>
#  x <dir1> <dir2>   xcopy dir1 to dir2 (incl. subdirs)
#  m <dir>           make directory
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------

# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# cdrom boot disk
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
n       cdrom
b       cdrom
i       modboot.cfg
c       cabs\utils.cab level0
c       cabs\os\%bfd_os%\dos.cab level1
c       cabs\doskey.cab level1
c       cabs\mouse.cab level2
c       cabs\help.cab level2
c       cabs\cdrom.cab level3
m       lib
c       cabs\mscdex.cab lib
c       cabs\aspi.cab lib
c       cabs\aspicd.cab lib
c       cabs\atapicd.cab lib
c       cabs\eltorito.cab lib
c       cabs\cdautrun.cab lib
c       cabs\vc.cab lib
m       lib\aspi
c       cabs\drivers\aspi\*.cab lib\aspi

# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# network boot disk
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
n       msnet
b       msnet
i       modboot.cfg
c       cabs\utils.cab level0
c       cabs\os\%bfd_os%\dos.cab level1
c       cabs\doskey.cab level1
c       cabs\help.cab level2
c       cabs\mouse.cab level2
c       cabs\msnet.cab level3
m       lib
c       cabs\msclient.cab lib
c       cabs\mstcp.cab lib
c       cabs\msnwlink.cab lib
c       cabs\vc.cab lib
m       lib\ndis
m       etc
d       cabs\drivers\ndis\*.cab lib\ndis etc\_msnet
#c       etc\msnet\autoexec.net etc\autoexec.net


BFD installation instructions:

Please download: BFD full package v1.0.7 (1.45MB).

Or update from previous versions: BFD update package (v1.0.x-v1.0.7) (410KB).
When updating from previous versions, just extract the package over the previous version, overwrite any existing files. The bfd.cfg file will not get overwritten!

Unpack BFD in the same directory as BCD, for example d:\bcd.
If you have already unpacked BCD, then some files from BFD will overlap with files from BCD, like the nu2lic.txt and the bchoice.exe. This is no problem, just skip or overwrite them.
Make sure you also unpack the subdirectories!

The BFD full package contains:

To create a CD-Rom boot disk run "bfd cdrom".
To create a Network boot disk run "bfd msnet".

Note! BFD only works on Windows NT4/2000/XP systems.

 Used tools

BFD uses the following tools:


View change log file for BFD

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