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BBIE - Bart's Boot Image Extractor

Version 1.0
Last updated on Sep 11, 2002

What is BBIE? - Download - Installation - Revision history
Wintotal award, received 6 out of 6 points
BBIE received Wintotal Award
6 out of 6 points!

 What is BBIE?

BBIE stands for Bart's Boot Image Extractor, or should I call it Bart's Boot Image Explorer? Nea! people would think that they can browse something.
One more thing, BBIE should be pronounced as "baby".

BBIE will extract all boot images from a bootable CD-Rom or ISO image file. It follows El Torito Bootable CD-ROM Format Specification v1.0.
Getting boot images from a bootable CD-Rom has never been easier.

For example, lets assume your CD-Rom drive is at drive Z:
Just run "bbie z:" to extract all boot image from it.

Sample output (extracting 4 boot images)
BBIE - Bart's Boot Image Extractor v1.x, (c) 2001, Bart Lagerweij
Reading boot record from sector 17 (0x11)
Reading boot catalog from sector 2913 (0xB61)
CD-ROM manufacturer/developer: "NU2 Productions"
1) mode "Floppy drive emulation 1.44MB". Sector is 33 (0x21)
Writing 720 block(s) to "image1.bin"
2) mode "Floppy drive emulation 1.44MB". Sector is 1473 (0x5C1)
Writing 720 block(s) to "image2.bin"
3) mode "Floppy drive emulation 1.44MB". Sector is 2193 (0x891)
Writing 720 block(s) to "image3.bin"
4) mode "Floppy drive emulation 1.44MB". Sector is 753 (0x2F1)
Writing 720 block(s) to "image4.bin"

In our example it will create 4 boot image files, called image1.bin, image2.bin and so on.

Command line usage and options
  bbie [switches] <source>

  source: The source file or drive to extract images from

  switches: -v   Verbose mode
            -b   Also write bootrecord and bootcatalog

  bbie z:
  bbie redhat71.iso


Here is the link to download: BBIE v1.0 (22KB)
Note: Extracting from a CD-Rom drive only works on NT platforms (NT4/W2K/XP), not on windows 9x/ME (can still use it to extract from an ISO image).


You don't install it. Just copy the BBIE.EXE file onto your PC and run it.

 Revision history

Version 1.0

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